How Much Updating is Needed To Sell A House in Massachusetts?

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What You Should Know About Auctioning Your House in Massachusetts

Many homeowners consider selling their homes by themselves, often avoiding the hefty real estate commissions. In real estate, these listings are referred to as FSBO for sale by owner. Regrettably, however, homes listed and marketed by their owners typically sell for less, and homeowners only sell about eleven percent of FSBO homes listed. Understanding all … Continued

3 House Selling Tips In Massachusetts

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The Best Way to Sell an Abandoned Property in Massachusetts

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5 Things You Should Know About Buying a Home at Auction in Massachussetts

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I Can’t Sell My House In Massachusetts Massachussetts… Help!

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What Homeowners Can Do About a Run-Down Property in Massachusetts

It is stressful when you are trying to sell a property when you know there are problems with the property that need to be corrected, especially with the inevitable inspection hanging over your head. In addition, selling a run-down property can be costly as days on the market increase the final sales price is typically … Continued

Giving My House Back To The Bank In Massachusetts

“I’m behind in payments…will I be giving my house back to the bank in Massachusetts?” Nobody wants to lose their home. But sometimes financial circumstances turn against you and those financial commitments become simply too much to manage. If your situation progresses too far, you may be forced into the unfortunate situation of having to … Continued

How to Sell Your House in Massachusetts When You Are on a Budget

The more attractive your home is, the higher the final sales price is, so many homeowners spend thousands getting ready. Preparing for your listing photos and showings when your home is on the market can be costly. However, there are ways to work around spending a great deal with some creativity. Read on as we … Continued

6 Ways to Create Excellent Curb Appeal In Massachusetts

Every real estate agent, good or bad, will agree on one thing: curb appeal gets more potential buyers to your home and increases sale prices. First impressions go a long way and excellent curb appeal suggests a home has been cared for. Upping the curb appeal of your home doesn’t require a lot of money. … Continued