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At Ephesus LLC we’re passionate about making Revere homeownership transitions easier. We offer a stress-free selling experience, allowing homeowners to move forward with confidence, all while contributing to the continued beauty of our city.

About Us

At Ephesus LLC, we transform your home sale into a stress-free experience with our fair cash offers, transparent processes, and predictable outcomes.

My name is Baris Berk, a licensed contractor at the helm of this family-owned real estate solutions company. For nearly 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to transforming the way homes are sold, making the process as smooth and straightforward as possible for homeowners like you.

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Our Evolution

Founded in 2000 as a dedicated real estate agent, I quickly became an expert in reviving expired listings, successfully assisting hundreds of homeowners in a market saturated with challenges. The 2008 financial crisis sharpened our focus, as we steered clients through economic turbulence with innovative loss mitigation and real estate management strategies, uncovering a passion and niche in real estate investment along the way.

Ephesus LLC emerged from this journey, driven by a singular goal: to simplify the home selling process for homeowners. Our foundation is built on the lessons of the past, leveraging deep industry insight and a commitment to fairness, transparency, and efficiency. Today, Ephesus stands as a testament to our ongoing mission to transform real estate transactions into seamless, positive experiences for every homeowner we partner with.

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on providing reliable, straightforward solutions that meet homeowners where they are, offering a beacon of hope and possibility in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

We asked our customers how working with us changed their lives.

Listen to their stories.

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Our Approach: Ephesus LLC’s Guaranteed Cash Sale Program

Quick Consultation: Begin with a straightforward call. Dive into our hassle-free process designed for homeowners looking to sell quickly in Revere.

Property Evaluation & Immediate Offer: Our team conducts a thorough on-site assessment of your Revere property, leading to an upfront, fair cash offer. This step simplifies the decision-making process, ensuring transparency and fairness.

Choose Your Closing Date: With Ephesus LLC, you have the flexibility to pick a closing date that aligns with your schedule, making us the go-to real estate cash buyers.

Why Choose Ephesus LLC in Revere? For a guaranteed and swift sale. Even as you weigh your options, our ‘Sell It Now’ price offers a solid comparison point, ensuring you get the best deal. Call us at 617-340-6527

Meet the team

Cash Real Estate Buyer

Baris Berk

Baris has dedicated over 25 years to real estate investing, brokerage, and development. As a licensed general contractor and skilled auctioneer, He has successfully sold thousands of properties. He began his career revitalizing expired listings, a niche that honed his talent for solving complex challenges in the real estate market. Known for his creativity, Baris excels at finding innovative solutions to homeowners’ problems, driving the success of Ephesus LLC with his problem-solving prowess and passion.

Gabriel Ochoa

Starting his career as a sales agent in 2004, Gabriel Ochoa quickly rose through the ranks to become a broker and committed his professional life to real estate. He evolved further into roles as a real estate manager and investor, applying his skills to assist homeowners during challenging times. Gabriel has a unique expertise in transforming difficult situations into successful transactions. Notably, during the financial crisis, he played a pivotal role in helping many homeowners avoid foreclosure, earning a reputation for both compassion and effectiveness. His strategic thinking and empathetic approach continue to be invaluable to Ephesus LLC and its clients.

Transforming Challenges into Successful Home Sales

Over the past five years, Ephesus LLC has proudly guided numerous homeowners through complex real estate challenges, ensuring a successful and stress-free sale under difficult circumstances. Here’s how we’ve made a difference:

  • Rescued Properties: Assisted 8 homeowners by providing cash for houses that were unmarketable on the open market.
  • Probate Solutions: Helped 7 homeowners navigate probate by purchasing their properties swiftly.
  • Major Renovations Needed: Purchased estate sale properties requiring major renovations for 6 homeowners, providing them with a hassle-free solution.
  • Divorce Settlements: Facilitated a smooth transition for 3 homeowners going through divorce by buying their homes.
  • Support for Retirees: Enabled 3 retirees to sell homes that needed significant repairs, easing their transition into retirement.
  • Foreclosure Prevention: Prevented the foreclosure of 4 condos and helped an additional 6 homeowners avoid foreclosure auctions through timely purchases.
  • Secured Future Plans: Guaranteed a fixed sale price for 6 months for a homeowner planning retirement, providing peace of mind and financial security.
  • Emergency Sales: Rapidly purchased a home from a homeowner facing urgent medical issues, ensuring they could focus on their health.
  • Specialized Property Challenges: Addressed unique situations including a fire-damaged property, a home needing extensive mold remediation, properties with tenant issues, and those with severe structural damages.
  • Relocation and City Compliance: Aided 3 homeowners in relocating smoothly and helped 2 others resolve city violations and tax issues.
  • Short Sales and Wholesalers: Successfully completed transactions for 3 homeowners through short sales and collaborated effectively with 3 wholesalers to facilitate deals.

Each story is a testament to our commitment to provide tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of homeowners in distress. At Ephesus LLC, we don’t just buy houses; we forge pathways to new beginnings and help our clients move forward with confidence and ease.

Choose Ephesus LLC for reliable, fair, and fast real estate solutions. Contact us today at 6173406527 to discover how we can help you overcome your property challenges.

Guaranteed Sale Program

Cash Purchase Process

1- Set Up Property Walk-Thru
A home review that respects your individual needs.

2- Review Cash Offer
Understandable, straightforward offer with no hidden details.

3- Pick Your Closing date.
Complete control over choosing the closing date.

Transparent Process and Fee Structure Agreement: There will be no hidden fees, no contingencies other than title from the attorney, a pack your bags ready contract. Post-Sale Peace of Mind: Reliable support and resources available post-sale including network of vendors and services.

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